A Date With Death (And Kathy Owen)

Lately, I’ve been crazy busy working with some of the most fabulous people – while this has kept me from writing here as often as I’d like, I just can’t say no to a good project. One of these was working with the amazing Historical Mystery novelist, Kathy Owen, on her new site! (Check it…Read the Rest

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Mudbugs and War Hammers

Thor Gets War Hammered and Fights a Crawfish A One Act Play by Laird Sapir   Scene I – Lightning Strikes Thor arrives via lightning bolt on the doorstep of Laird Sapir in Shreveport, Louisiana. The night is dark and ominous. Laird is watching Wipeout on TV in her bathrobe when she hears a series…Read the Rest

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Ever wonder about Romance Novel Cover Models?

Lately, things have been crazy busy around here! Sorry about my extended absence. I hope to be back soon!  Fortunately, some of the things that have kept me busy have been really fun projects. For instance, I recently got the chance to help the very talented writer, Sheryl Hoyt (who writes under the name Saralynn…Read the Rest

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I like holiday traditions. Well, I like traditions that aren’t a pain. Hauling out the Christmas tree is a giant pain, so I tend to put that one off. One of my favorite traditions is the fact that this time of year, the worst song ever written and made popular by young do-gooder celebrities is…Read the Rest

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This Never Gets Old.

Sometimes, while surfing the interwebs, you come across something so profound that you just have sit back and catch your breath. In the case of this particular post, I had to catch my breath from laughing. And then I had to watch it again. So, with thanks to the inimitable Liv Rancourt, I am republishing…Read the Rest

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Hedgehog in the Fog

Lately I’ve been easily distracted. By things like work, life, and offbeat Russian animated films from the 70’s.  Here’s a new favorite…   What do you think?  

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The Octopus Knows…The Finale

  I have had the best time reading all the twists and turns the tale The Octopus Knows has taken since it first started in April. I am saddened to say, the last chapter has been written…but beyond delighted with the final chapter, which was posted today by the talented and amazing Mental Skillness. I…Read the Rest

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